A Ferrari or A Porsche?

27 Mar, 2017 / Automotive By: Innovation Incubator

Humans more often than not are always in a state of confusion. They are unaware of the next decision they need to implement. No matter how small or how big of a decision it is. People always hesitate before their final judgment. Even the best decision makers stagger when the stakes are high on a field they have very little experience on. Now imagine the decision of buying your first ever car. To many that is a life event. To have bought a vehicle with your hard earned blood, sweat and tears. There are several of us who might have had a model for a long time and when it got outdated we switch to probably the same makers but latest versions, but how sure are we that this is the vehicle for us? Whatever the reason it is for our selection there are probably a lot of other peculiarities that we haven’t considered, such as

  • Is the car well-tuned for the roads that we mostly drive
  • Is it cost effective when we compare our salary
  • The sacrifices that we make to pay off the EMI or loan, are they worth it
  • Will the mileage of the vehicle burn a hole in our pocket in due time

No agent or vehicle review will answer these questions for you. Only we can. Let me rephrase that only a mind vast enough to handle huge amounts of real-time data, decipher it and make accurate predictions based on our lifestyle and preferences can make the right decision. In short only with cognitive computing machine can we accomplish the task. The future will have mankind asking his cognitive computer powered digital assistant to select his vehicle. The result would be instantaneous with an index of vehicles that can be sorted on various classifications and preferences with accurate facts and figures on why this model came on top of the other. Human decision making has just got a whole lot simpler thanks to cognitive computing.