Advancements in Real Estate – The Cognitive Way

07 Apr, 2017 / Real Estate By: Innovation Incubator

What if you wake up one fine morning and listed to you is an index of all the available property on the basis of

  • Your budget
  • Geographical location to your work environment
  • Your climatic preferences
  • Political background
  • Government advances in and around the area
  • Proximity to amenities

It is sorted and filtered on basis of all this. A family home, a bachelor pad, a vacation get a way; whatever be the objective you need not run to agents or dealers who are waiting for potential targets to fill their pockets. The implementation of Cognitive Computing in the frilled of Real Estate will revolutionize the industry. You can have a clear-cut understanding of why a certain property is valued higher than the others or what factors lead to the general high pricing of the properties in particular vicinity. A projection of the expected rates a certain property will reach based on the upcoming projects around the area, the current most targeted properties are among the few basic changes that can be witnessed within the short span of Cognitive Computing implementation in Real Estate Industry.