Automotive Insurance – A Cognitive Approach

20 Apr, 2017 / Automotive By: Innovation Incubator

The headline that we read every day is of automotive insurance. The media never portrays both sides of the story. In most cases in the interest of ratings, the media showcases the automotive dealers or the insurance firm as the bad guys. Like the old saying “History is written by the victors” we never know if the whole thing was a sham or charade. It goes without saying that cognitive computing goes a long way in improving the driving experience from the point of view of the rider. From finding out the optimum vehicle for your needs to advising the ideal routes and parts that need to be chosen and in the nearby future driverless vehicles even. But cognitive computing is also an asset to the firm as well. By installing a cognitive powered computer in your vehicle the software can track driver alertness, driving patterns, unsafe driving habits, alcohol content while driving and many more evidence linking the cause of an accident (if any) to the court of law while appealing or claiming an insurance for the client. The general safety on the road and legalities that result from its absence will both be rectified with the introduction and proper implementation of Cognitive Computing in the field of Automobile.