A Moral Rectitude for the Future

By: Innovation Incubator
09 Mar, 2017 / Cognitive Computing

We would like to personally start with sharing certain human behavior that no matter how much we want to suppress, still exists within us. For example our corporate life where we are given the task of making a hard decision, how much will that affect us? And how much more will it affect us if that decision has been taken by our seniors or supervisors. Now imagine the future where these decisions will be taken by a machine. Quantum computing […]

Have you ever thought what the world of Internet is like? Not in a figurative aspect but in a data model. Most of the data that exists in the digital world did not exist a few years back. The advancement in audio and visual fields sky rocketed the total data content. Social medias’ have taken over the world in a very short span of time and with the concept of Internet of things around the corner the total data in […]

Queries and Dubiety in Cognitive Computing

By: Innovation Incubator
06 Mar, 2017 / Cognitive Computing

Let me start off by asking you what your vision of the future is. Does it have flying cars, talking robots, holographic 3-d models; whatever it has let me assure you that all these gadgets are going to have 0% human touch. It’s all going to be Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence. The future will have us bumping into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Cognitive Computing in every turn of the way. It is high time that we start defining […]

Enter the stride of Cognitive Computing

By: Innovation Incubator
06 Mar, 2017 / Cognitive Computing

Over 3 decades ago, when the disco balls just went out of style we invented the founding steps of Artificial Intelligence – Voice recognition modules, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Machine Learning framework and even First Order Logical Reasoning. So where are we now? Why has the level of artificial intelligence that we see in sci-fi movies such as the Matrix, Terminator or more recently Lucy or even West World not yet been achieved? Here is our hypothesis and hear […]

Businesses are racing to keep up with consumer demands and technological innovations.  Adoption, innovation, and customer acceptance of intelligent agents are increasing. Both businesses and customers are recognizing the value of virtual agents in terms of customer service and support.Cognitive conversational bots power customer relationship management that allow businesses to drive customer advocacy through increased customer engagement, transaction, and satisfaction. Rather than keyword matching with regular expressions done in chatbots, Cognitive Bots (CogBot) listen, converse with natural language, understand and […]

Take a Safe Drive

By: Innovation Incubator
08 Feb, 2017 / Automotive

The road sign plays a significant role in facilitating driving in a remarkable way that’s safe for the vehicle motive force and alternative road users. The information given by the road signs captured as into colors and shapes for simple identification. Most of the road accidents attributes to either reduced attention of drivers or ignoring the road signs. The weather conditions like rain and fog also have been reported as a major cause for accidents. Therefore, the recognition of road […]

Why adaptive learning for education?

By: Innovation Incubator
02 Feb, 2017 / Cognitive Computing

Personalized learning is one of the top buzzwords in education now; it suggests a host of different learning methods that are institution-driven. Students will be in control not only on when they learn, but also demand that they contribute to their learning through discussions and collaboration, creating content while doing so. This student-driven phenomenon suggests that schools and higher education institutions will need to respond by creating learning programs that acknowledge that the learner is seeking this kind of personalized […]

Market with MACHINES

By: Innovation Incubator
20 Jan, 2017 / Cognitive Computing

Until recently, businesses were blind to the valuable insights hidden in unstructured content. Despite millions of customer data available, leveraging this data to understand the needs and to do target marketing is becoming difficult for the businesses. A recent study by DataMeer found customer analytics dominate big data use in sales and marketing departments, supporting the four key strategies of increasing customer acquisition, reducing customer churn, increasing revenue per customer and improving existing products.” As a result, the businesses started […]

Prevention is better than Cure

By: Innovation Incubator
06 Jan, 2017 / Health Care

Early identification of symptoms can help depreciate the cost of curing the disease or even preventing it. Healthcare providers started looking for reliable preventive healthcare models, which in turn can lead to tremendous cost savings and enhanced health outcomes. Predicting the possibility of disease occurrence is a vital factor in aiding healthcare providers to improve patient health care. The challenge is how to integrate the continuously flowing clinical data from various data sources and Machine Learning provides a promising approach […]

Case Study: Heat Map in Real Estate

By: Innovation Incubator
14 Dec, 2016 / Real Estate
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