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15 Mar, 2017 / Cognitive Computing By: Innovation Incubator

Artificial Intelligence in the field of Automobile Industry would have us visioning the driver having a cup of coffee while the vehicle is cruising at moderate speed or maybe the vehicle comes to the driver at a press of a key. Of course, all this is possible in the not so distant future; the initial breakthroughs have already been accomplished by several big shot names in the world of automobiles. Tracking the owner, avoiding traffic routes, precise pinpoint parking and turn maneuvering is all possible already.

All this will not amaze you, what will truly astonish you is a machine that selects your optimum vehicle based on your personal details. Imagine a machine which selects your car based on your salary, expenditure and a few moments with your personal social media to know your preferences. Sounds farfetched?, this is the future, this is Cognitive Computing. The ability of a machine to understand and interpret the provided data and make decisions and accords as close to a human touch as possible is cognitive computing. In the future, we can witness our own personal digital assistant suggest our most optimum car in accordance to our preference, current market value, road and weather conditions and most importantly affordability. As good as decision makers as you think you are, history has always frowned at several human choices. Having a machine pick out your very own automobile automatically indicates that it has done the necessary research, not to mention the machine has no hidden motives, unlike agents/brokers who are trying to fill their own pockets.

Cognitive Computing will make human life as smooth as machinly possible.