Animator/Texturing Artist
Exp. Level: 2-5 Years | Job ID: IIA-4884 Closing On: 28/2/2019

Roles & Responsibilities
• As a Texturing artist you will have to create 100 PERCENT technically accurate photorealistic textures for
mapping onto 3-D objects from photographic references provided.
• Creating textures and shaders as the show requirement.
• Must have a good knowledge of shading networks and should able to create simple as well as complex shading
networks as per the show requirement.
• Must work closely with the other members of the team.
• Ability to take direction and willingness to address comments and make changes.

Required Skills
• Must have a good understanding of UV mapping.
• A thorough understanding of Materials and Shaders.
• A good sense of Observation related to Live objects.
• Thorough QC.
• Knowledge in Optimization of texture resolutions & smartness on its usage.
• Proven texturing expertise in both hard surface and organic matter
• Ability to accurately evaluate scope and time requirements
• A traditional arts background with emphasis on photo- realistic character work and environments is an added
• Working knowledge of multi- pass rendering, lighting, and modeling.
• Expertise in 3ds Max, Photoshop and Carona to create textures. Knowledge of Substance painter and designer will
be an added benefit.
• Good drawing skills along with a good understanding of anatomy will be beneficial
• Should have worked extensively on complex texturing and is a Subject matter expert.
• Should have the skills to create textures from scratch
• Should have a strong sense of asthetics to judge if a texture is looking realistic or not.
• Ability to produce work that is detail orientated
• Strong knowledge to layout the UVs of a model.
• Should have the ability to quality check their own output as per the standards
• Should produce high quality work within agreed timescales

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