Big Data Engineer
Exp. Level: 2 TO 4 YEARS | Job ID: IIA-4742 Closing On: 31/1/2019

·Candidates with excellent Installation, configuration and administration of Big Data components skills (including Hadoop/Spark) for batch and real-time analytics and data hubs.
·Capable of processing large sets of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
·Able to assess business rules, collaborate with stakeholders and perform source-to-target data mapping, design and review.
·Familiar with data architecture for designing data ingestion pipeline design, Hadoop information architecture, data modeling and data mining, machine learning and advanced data processing.
·Optional – Visual communicator ability to convert and present data in an easy comprehensible visualization using tools like D3.js, Tableau.

·Those who enjoy being challenged, solve complex problems on a daily basis.
·Proficient in executing efficient and robust ETL workflows.
·To be able to work in teams and collaborate with others to clarify requirements.
·To be able to tune Hadoop solutions to improve performance and end-user experience.
·Have strong co-ordination and project management skills to handle complex projects and from Engineering background are preferred.


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