Data Engineer
Exp. Level: Fresher/1-2 years in data stream | Job ID: IIA-5210 Closing On: 1/9/2019
Job Description:
The tasks handled by data engineers typically include building data pipelines to pull together information from different source systems;
integrating, consolidating and cleansing data; and structuring it for use in individual applications.
Data engineers can be expected to work in database management systems like MySql,MongoDB,Redshift etc., and programming languages such as
Java, Python etc. They also need to work in Extract-Transform-Load tools and REST-oriented APIs ,for creating and
managing data integration jobs.
* Design, construct, test and maintain highly scalable data management systems
* Ensure systems meet business requirements and industry practices
* Research opportunities for data acquisition and new uses for existing data
* Develop data set processes for data modeling, mining and production
* Integrate new data management technologies and software engineering tools into existing structures
* Employ a variety of languages and tools (e.g. scripting languages) to link systems together
* Recommend ways to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality
* B.Tech/MCA from a reputed institution.
* Should have knowledge about DBMS
* Excellent Verbal and Written communication skill
* Experience : Fresher/1-2 years in data stream
Added Advantages:
Experience/certification in the following technologies
Serverless ETLs

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