Exp. Level: 2-5 Years | Job ID: IIA-4882 Closing On: 28/2/2019

Roles & Responsibilities
• Build, test and maintain character rigs/setups.
• Work within existing constraints to create rigs that meet our technical needs.
• Work with the team to create balanced solutions to all related technical and aesthetic issues.
• Work with other technical artists and tools developers in the continual improvement of processes.
• A mastery of human and animal anatomy, perspective, weight, volume, proportion good understanding of modelling
with either Polygons or NURBS
• Ability to do UV mapping
• Ability to communicate with colleagues and work as part of a team
• Ability to take direction and willingness to address comments and make changes
• Ability to work with a minimum of supervision
• Ability to deliver on schedule, working under pressure if required

Required Skills
• Strong understanding of rigging, skinning and related character technologies.
• Should have solid experience in 3D Rigging , character rigging , character animation, 3D Animation , 3D Maya ,
motion capturing.
• Positive, solution-oriented individual with a passion for game development.
• A passion for creating believable CG characters and the requisite attention to detail.
• Understanding of human body and facial anatomy as it relates to game assets and topology.
• Excellent understanding of development workflows as they relate to getting character assets into game engines.
• Strong problem-solving skills. Ability to work in a self-directed manner and to make timely, well-thought out
• Advanced knowledge in 3D Studio Max is preferred; Maya users or equivalent 3D program will also be considered.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Must be able to work closely in a team setting with other

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