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Perhaps better than humans! Contrary to popular Hollywoodish imaginations, machines are yet to emerge as super-humans that can outsmart, or even match, human intelligence. But there are some arenas in which machine intelligence can support, or at times outwit, the limited neurological ability of human brain. Predictive policing is one domain where ‘machine learning’ can support humans, to make a positive sociological impact. Predictive Policing refers to gathering loads of data and applying algorithms, to deduce, where and when crimes […]

Navigate the Way the User Desires

By: Sumith M
22 Apr, 2019 / Blog Posts

How effective Desire Line approach is in User Experience? Providing an intuitive user experience is one of the most critical ingredients in the success of any products or services in this high demanding new age. The impact is not only blissful for the users but also lucrative to the business, apparently. Yes, the impact is two-folded. Every $1 invested in UX yields a $10 to $100 return (Courtesy: Human Factors International, Inc.) User Experience (UX) design is the process of […]

Migration to Prescriptive AI

By: Fathima Saleem

There is enormous amount of data that is being generated per second. By 2020 the new information generated will be approximately 1.7 megabytes per second for every human being. Large amount of valuable insights could be derived from the huge volume of data to help businesses take various decisions. Technology has become an enabler for this decision making process with data being an indispensable resource that no company can ignore. However, choosing the right algorithm to derive the best insights […]

AI chipsets: Major chip manufacturers like Intel, NVidia, AMD, ARM, Qualcomm will make chips that will enhance the execution speed of AI-based apps. Confluence of AI and IoT: Industrial IoT applications would get higher precision and increased functionalities by the application of AI. Automated Machine Learning: With the arrival of AutoML(automated Machine Learning) algorithms, developers and programmers would be able to solve complex problems without creating specific models. Neural Network Interoperability: Interoperability in neural networks would help developers to select […]

AI – A Game Changer for Marketing

By: Anil Kumar
30 Jan, 2019 / Blog Posts, Marketing

Like any other domain, marketing also has gone through transformations multiple times, based on the technologies and people behaviour then and there. Evidence shows that the history of marketing and advertising falls back to late 35 CE, a manufacturer of fish sauce in Pompeii, used mosaic patterns in the atrium of his house and decorated with images of amphora bearing his personal brand and quality claims. It continued to evolve through multiple means and thought processes, and the inventions of visual […]

Author : D. Robin Reni , AI Research Intern Classification of Items based on their similarity is one of the major challenge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning problems.But we have seen good results in Deep Learning comparing to ML thanks to Neural Networks , Large Amounts of Data and Computational Power. We have mostly seen that Neural Networks are used for Image Detection and Recognition etc . But I am not going to explain how we execute it. But […]

Innovation Incubator Advisory isn’t your cliché company. Our work is powered by the premise that every person at Innovation Incubator Advisory is unique and possesses a distinct set of skills, personality, and passion. We embrace our collective talents to tackle technical challenges, refine our successfully disruptive business ideas and co-create one of the most human and inspiring work cultures out there. We are a team of collaborators who value and reward shared success over individual heroics. We are a rapidly […]

WordCloud Using R Language

20 Sep, 2018 / WHIZ.AI

Why R is considered as the most prominent language for Data Science ? What is the special recipe making this langauge to work with data so efficiently ? So in this blog we gonna tell you the key things of R and also give a trail on how to work with R by generating a wordcloud from a article . Introduction to R programming : R is a programming language developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1993. R […]