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Social networking is one such area that is easily disrupted by the growth of Artificial Intelligence. As social media users are rising in an unparalleled manner, the business need is to process unstructured data efficiently. And AI is offering a solution to that. You’ll probably be aware of how social media marketing can help your company. AI pledge to change the game for advertisers looking for effective behavioral targeting strategies, more applications with built-in AI capabilities will start to appear. […]

      For the code and instructions on how to run, Please Visit : Pose Estimation is one of the more elegant applications of neural networks and is startlingly accurate and sometimes, seems like something right out of science fiction. For Instance, check out Google’s Move Mirror, an in-browser application that estimates the user’s pose in real time and then displays a movie still with the actor holding the same pose. When I glanced over it, however, I got […]

“Gone are the days of pure mathematical approaches to solve a vision problem, now that AI has made its foray” — this could be one of the most misleading thoughts of a Deep Learning practitioner, oblivious of traditional computer vision techniques. If you are one among, then here is an attempt to make you think again. Many of the computer vision algorithms running on the edge uses traditional math, rather than compute and memory intensive neural nets. Consider, we have scanned images containing […]

OpenPose represents the first real-time multi-person system to jointly detect human body, hand, facial, and foot key points (in total 135 key points) on single images. But the problem is we have to build and install the Openpose from its source which is not like installing python package using PIP or CONDA Readmore       Want to learn more? Please fill the below form to reach us.

Setting Up Alexa on Rpi

15 Oct, 2019 / Artificial Intelligence By: Naeem Hadiq

Alexa, the digital personal assistant for Amazon, has been around for about two years and is always getting smarter. It lives inside and gives the client the ability to dictate control commands to assistants in their homes, to listen to music and more inside the Echo’s Smart Launcher. Alexa performs a number of pre-set functions such as share the content weather, set timer and create a list. It also keeps learning and curating content to enhance its skillsets. Beyond which […]

Personified Generative Chatbot using RNNs & Attention in TensorFlow “In the next few decades, as we continue to create our digital footprints, millennial’s will have generated enough data to make ‘Digital Immortality’ feasible” – MIT Technology Review, October 2018. What if there is ‘life after death’ or you can talk to your loved ones, even after they left you?  In the movie Transcendence (2014), AI researcher, Evelyn uploaded her hubby’s consciousness into a quantum computer, just before his imminent death. While the post-death […] is one of the incubated startups at Innovation Incubator. Click here to know more     Want to learn more? Please fill the below form to reach us.

Perhaps better than humans! Contrary to popular Hollywoodish imaginations, machines are yet to emerge as super-humans that can outsmart, or even match, human intelligence. But there are some arenas in which machine intelligence can support, or at times outwit, the limited neurological ability of human brain. Predictive policing is one domain where ‘machine learning’ can support humans, to make a positive sociological impact. Predictive Policing refers to gathering loads of data and applying algorithms, to deduce, where and when crimes […]