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Machine learning changing the face of retail

By: Innovation Incubator
29 Nov, 2016 / Cognitive Computing

Traditionally, retailers use a normal way to segment consumers based on recency, frequency of purchase and monetary value of purchases (RFM score). Retailers judge a customer based on these factors and market their products. These traditional methods often lead to biased decisions on consumer purchase as the retailer continues to promote the similar products which the consumer bought recently. This strategy would be highly ineffective given this consumer’s typical purchasing habits. To eliminate traditional and cumbersome manual approaches to retail […]

Will Machine Learning Be The Next HR?

By: Innovation Incubator
25 Nov, 2016 / Cognitive Computing

Computer automation has done away with lots of blue collar jobs over recent decades. AI and robotic process automation will have a similar impact on white-collar roles in areas ranging from HR to finance. This means that any office worker performing routine operational activities is likely to have their job replaced by a computer. The application of machine learning to the growing amounts of data being produced throughout the world will change everything when it comes to our jobs. These […]

Defining Data Analytics with Machine Learning

By: Innovation Incubator
22 Nov, 2016 / Cognitive Computing

75% of business pioneers state ‘growth’ as the key source of value from analytics but only 60% of those pioneers have predictive analytics abilities. So what’s preventing the businesses from accomplishing predictive analytics capabilities? The major roadblock is applying the right set of tools, which can pull powerful insights from this stockpile of information. Using Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence tools , businesses can optimize and reveal new statistical patterns which form the backbone of predictive analytics. This is time; […]

Machine Learning Elevating Data Analytics

By: Innovation Incubator
20 Nov, 2016 / Cognitive Computing

Data Analytics has always been subjected by a trial-and-error analysis, a method that becomes difficult when datasets are large and diversified. Handling huge volume of data usually leads to limited options in building analytical models. Processing large datasets in a reasonable amount of time does not always be supported with the traditional statistical methods. These traditional statistical solutions typically focus on fixed analytics that is limited to the available samples that are frozen in time, which often results in either […]

New dynamically rebuilding cognitive models and real time cognitive analytics capabilities Cognub Decision Solutions January 27, 2016 9:00 AM MANHASSET HILLS, NEW YORK, Jan. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Cognub Decision Solutions (aka Kreara Solutions), the first cognitive decision science company in Real Estate, today announced a new “insights as a service” platform for the real estate ecosystem in USA. This new generation platform is embedded in PropMix, a new proprietary real time data aggregation, validation and retrieval engine. Cognub will […]

MANHASSET HILLS, New York, Jan. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Innovation Incubator Inc., a startup focused on incubating the first mile and harnessing disruptive change with continuous innovation to create new markets, launched a groundbreaking real estate smart app building platform. This new solution empowers the real estate ecosystem to easily consume and monetize big data and insights and build their own smart applications. Built on industry open standards based platform as a service such as IBM Cloud and AWS […]

We are excited to share this wonderful news. Kreara Solutions is a very strategic acquisition for Innovation Incubator. Stay tuned on more news in the upcoming weeks as we roll out the new Cognub insights as a service offerings.

4 Ways To Manage & Promote INNOVATION

By: Innovation Incubator
05 Aug, 2015 / Innovation Incubator

Over the past several months we had been on a voyage. In many ways, trying to lay some structure around “incubating innovation”. Talking and working with people from diverse backgrounds, smiling at the oddities around life / work, relishing at the edges of ones’ childhood etiquettes / memories, basking at the possibilities of applying common sense “imagination” to business problems, trying to aspire a new enthusiasm around “start-up thinking” and many more. Moving adrift from “normalcy”, my world suddenly changed […]

Welcome To Innovation Incubator

By: Innovation Incubator
21 Jul, 2015 / Innovation Incubator

We are so excited about this growth phase of Innovation Incubator after being in stealth mode for a while. We help investors and entrepreneurs incubate the first mile, harness disruptive change with continuous innovation and make new markets. Sure there are many accelerators and incubators out there, in New York, Boston, India, all over the world. We are indeed one of them. Our unique value proposition includes: (1) proven track record in leading at the edge of emerging technologies and […]