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Our Chairman Madhavan Padmakumar and myself will be presenting at the FOMAA Professional Summit to be held at University of Texas Dallas on April 7th 2018. The theme is entrepreneurship and innovation. We will be addressing a group of students, professionals, investors and employers. Students get to do speed job dating with potential employers. Aspiring entrepreneurs get to pitch to potential investors. Dr Ranjit Nair is offering an unique leadership healthcheck.

Real Estate Specifications in Cognitive Computing

19 Apr, 2017 / Real Estate By: Innovation Incubator

The advantages of Cognitive Computing in the field of Real Estate breaks through all possible known boundaries, it has the ability to extract the required information from any structured/unstructured raw data and apply to the necessary fields. It can even read through thousands of property brochures and highlight the key data such as name and details of the tenant, pricing around each locale and price per square foot. These data assists the cognitive computer to prepare an ideal index for […]

Advancements in Real Estate – The Cognitive Way

07 Apr, 2017 / Real Estate By: Innovation Incubator

What if you wake up one fine morning and listed to you is an index of all the available property on the basis ofYour budgetGeographical location to your work environmentYour climatic preferencesPolitical backgroundGovernment advances in and around the areaProximity to amenitiesIt is sorted and filtered on basis of all this. A family home, a bachelor pad, a vacation get a way; whatever be the objective you need not run to agents or dealers who are waiting for potential targets to […]

Case Study: Heat Map in Real Estate

14 Dec, 2016 / Real Estate By: Innovation Incubator

MANHASSET HILLS, New York, Jan. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Innovation Incubator Inc., a startup focused on incubating the first mile and harnessing disruptive change with continuous innovation to create new markets, launched a groundbreaking real estate smart app building platform. This new solution empowers the real estate ecosystem to easily consume and monetize big data and insights and build their own smart applications. Built on industry open standards based platform as a service such as IBM Cloud and AWS […]