Cognitive Automobile

04 Apr, 2017 / Automotive By: Innovation Incubator

There is a widespread propaganda on the conceptualization of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Automobiles. The question daunting in everyone’s mind would be the purpose of A.I in an otherwise smooth-flowing system which is the automotive industry. The real question everyone must actually be pondering should be where all A.I can help the field. Driverless cars that reach us at any destination at the press of a button, judging passing lanes and proximity of adjacent vehicles, predicting traffic congestion and accordingly changing routes; these are among the simple procedures capable of cognitively controlled computers. The true test comes when the machine can even predict your ideal vehicle. Whether it should be 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler, how much the EMI or loan amount can be given your salary index. It even takes in account the total time stuck in traffic, the road status and picks out a vehicle which perfectly fits into these footings. Many of you have already guessed “the vehicle with most mileage” but that is not the case. The machine will even take into account your preferences from your social media and browsing data. Such is the advancements in the field of automobiles thanks to cognitive computing and artificial intelligence.