Cognitive Computing – An Abstract

12 Apr, 2017 / Cognitive Computing By: Innovation Incubator

Cognitive Computing has emerged from the comprehension that there will most definitely arise instances where machines will outperform humans by a significant margin especially regarding scenarios which have high levels of complexity. Cognitive computing thrives on massive amounts of data, the more data we supply the more efficient and accurate its outputs are. They are designed to understand, optimize and perform with the data that has been provided. Almost every field is investing seriously in the ventured advances with cognitive computing. Computers that have the potential to think and adapt like humans will surely be a game changer. It is predicted that machines will most likely exceed human performance in the not so distant future. The initial programming of the machine needs to be spot on and the machine must indeed be able to pick up on the alterations and diversifications of the task assigned and make the necessary corrections. A supervising human must indeed be present during the initial phase to ensure the smooth and error-free working for the future. They must also make sure that the trends the machine picks up are by no means biased and do not raise any ethical or social issues. The advancement in Cognitive Computing will indeed be a boon to the implemented fields. The newly developed strategies help to safeguard against unintended consequences as well.