COGNITIVE Marketing Partner

31 Mar, 2017 / Cognitive Computing By: Innovation Incubator

The history of mankind shows that for as long as media existed so did advertisements. When the newspaper was a sensation the ads started there, slowly moving to radio, television, internet and now in social media and mobile applications. There is no doubting certain marketing strategy the big shot names implement to get their products or services to the masses. The reason why several good and catchy ads failed in the market is because of their timing. Not the timing of delivering the punch lines but they fail to reach the right audience. Another problem the marketing team would be facing will be to make the advertisement appealing to a wide range of crowd. In the present age, pleasing everyone is not a plausible idea. Personalized marketing schemes are the future but the problem arises in sorting and filtering these marketing schemes to the right individuals. That is where the field of cognitive computing triumphs. Analyzing the vast data of individual preferences from his daily routine, browsing data, social media presence and shopping carts and then personally filtering to his/her likes would surely be the ultimate form of marketing and surprisingly what cognitive computing is designed to do. The science that comes into play to perform this elaborate task is ‘Big Data Analysis’ and ‘Deep Learning Algorithms’; Two of the fundamental steps in cognitive computing. Such a machine can in practicality display the advertisements of the right firm at the right resting period of the individual after predicting his daily pattern with the data it has been given over collective time.