A Corner Stone For The Future

24 Apr, 2017 / Cognitive Computing By: Innovation Incubator

Even with all the advancements in the field of science, many are still unaware of the future scope – Cognitive Computing. In very extremely simplified sense cognitive computing can be considered as a higher logical version of the analytics work that we are all aware of. It is indeed based on statistical models. Therefore any organization or department that wishes to expand or better its existing field of work or applications should have already started exploring the dynamics of Cognitive computing. It is also imaginably true that your company may well be performing cognitive work without knowing it yourself. The science of logic reasoning has been present since the early 1930’s and around 1960 machine learning also sprouted its wing. Two of which have been the corner stone of cognitive computing interface. The most important feature of this revolutionary science is that the means of cognitive computing will present you an answer for a solution that you took weeks in a matter of seconds. From sensors, social media and direct input of data the cognitive machine is able to act upon these raw unstructured data much quickly than any human mind. The role of human decision-making will also be influenced greatly by the introduction of cognitive computing. After all, all the decisions we take instinct or not are due to the facts that we are made aware and when we have presented these facts in an understandable index model. The weight of decision makes lessons