Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of Innovation Incubator Holding LLC

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vision is rooted in promoting social entrepreneurship, employee fund matching and community give backs. Our portfolio companies are executing based on this vision.

  • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Incubate ideas that can make a positive impact to the masses
    • Health, sanitation, education
    • Women (partnering with institutions such as Seva Saroj)
    • Elderly (partnering with organizations such as Help age India, H20): Old age brings along with it a whole set of issues for the elderly, Loneliness creeps in early resulting in the elderly spending time alone, all by themselves. The loneliness and isolation in their own homes make them feel insecure and vulnerable, which often leads to serious health and wellbeing issues. The common lament is that they have no one to support them at this stage in life. Further their needs are compounded by conditions associated with aging, including chronic illness, diseases, functional limitations, physical / mental frailty and limited financial means. As people get older, they need support to continue to lead an active, healthy, independent and secure life. The poor civic infrastructure only adds to the woes of the elderly. We plan to provide Palliative care for the underprivileged elderly.
    • Children (ex. Organizations for differently abled children)
  • Employee Fund matching
    • Pay premiums for the health insurance of poor and needy people
    • Match employee funds up to INR 5000 per employee per year on approved initiatives
  • Community give backs
    • Make a difference in the local community in partnership with organizations such as Prathidhwani, Tejus, Basic Charitable Trust and Vivekananda Study Circle
    • Harness rich heritage and culture for common good
    • Match employee giving – with selective organizations