Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vision is rooted in promoting social entrepreneurship, employee fund matching, and community givebacks. Our portfolio companies are executing based on this vision.

RedFerry Tech LLP

A technology startup that incubated with us, enabling nonprofit organizations to raise funds across the globe for their causes. This helps organizations to reach their target audience globally with less effort and minimum budget.

ToGive Foundation

A nonprofit organization supported by the stakeholders along with some of the well-known social workers in Kerala and the US.

Social Entrepreneurship
  • Incubate ideas that can make a positive impact on the masses
  • Health, sanitation, and education
  • Women empowering (in partnership with institutions such as Seva Saroj)
Social welfare
  • Support for elders (in partnership with organizations such as Help Age India, H20): We plan to provide Palliative care for the underprivileged elderly people
  • Care for differently-abled children
  • Employee Fund matching
  • Pay premiums for the health insurance of poor and needy people
  • Match employee funds up to INR 5000 per employee per year on approved initiatives
Innovation Incubator Women’s Empowerment Charitable Trust
  • The vision of the Trust is to accelerate the next one million disadvantaged women of Kerala-origin (without discriminating and irrespective of their religion, caste, class, race, financial position, place of birth, age, or educational qualification) to become software technology leaders. They include (a) women who discontinued studies or work and (b) retired or working women looking for a career in software technology
  • The mission of the Trust is to achieve the vision by i) providing training to the disadvantaged women at the Innovation Incubator Cognitive Decision Institute, ii) positioning the women in technical leadership roles in collaboration with in-network technology company CSR initiatives and iii) providing opportunity for start-ups founded by such women in the Innovation Incubator
Community givebacks
  • Make a difference in the local community in partnership with organizations such as Prathidhwani, Tejus, Basic Charitable Trust and Vivekananda Study Circle
  • Harness the rich heritage and culture for common good
  • Match employee giving – with selective organizations
Student internships

Our internship programs for college and high school students help them integrate classroom knowledge and theory with practical application and skills developed in professional or community settings. Our domain and technology experts guide and mentor them throughout the internship program.

The School of AI

The School of AI is a nonprofit education platform on a mission to inspire and educate developers to build artificial intelligence across the globe. Experts from our AI team are actively contributing to this initiative as mentors and resources persons. We sponsor various events organized by The School of AI in India.