High return on cognitive computing

24 Apr, 2017 / Health Care By: Innovation Incubator

The demand for health care and services in India is at an alarming rate. There has been a steady increase in the patients suffering from chronic conditions. It also means that doctors and health care providers are not sufficient in number to keep up with the overload of patients. The amount of data that is being generated via MRI scans. EMR’s, medical notes, patient data is astronomical. The complexities of the data gathered for a single individual is phenomenal in size. To make complete use of these raw unstructured data is what we must aim for and the only means to achieve this feat is via Cognitive Computing. It provides us with a new method of data interpretation and learning systems. It will provide unimaginable clinical support for all patients. It makes use of untraditional models of data gathering and analyzing techniques. Such levels of analysis can never be performed with a computer capable of executing previously inputted programs. The machine must itself learn and adapt to the new data. Thereby cognitive computing ensures rewarding life for all. The insights will be extremely personalized based on the patient’s report and the notifications can be made via email, text or by any other social media of preference.