Let Machines Decide Your Advertisement

30 Nov, 2016 / Cognitive Computing By: Innovation Incubator

Machine learning has been evolving over things that humans do the best. Take art, for example Music, Customer service, Games, Financial trading, Healthcare, News reporting, And of course, Marketing and advertising.

As advertising is getting more personalized and customers turning to expect a unique brand experience, machine learning helps to target accurate display advertisements and personalized communication. This means that the advertisers within the short time can present the right ads to the right customers, saving time and money and also improve their reputation and the customer experience.

When comes to real time bidding on buying and selling ads, Machine learning decides the best possible amount to bid on every single impression. The machine learning algorithm identifies the performance metrics required to achieve the bids and then assess the probability of each impression’s result being positive for that outcome.

Advertises have now started relying on machine learning algorithms to predict the best time, the device, and different communication channels to promote their advertisement based on their customer behavior.