Queries and Dubiety in Cognitive Computing

06 Mar, 2017 / Cognitive Computing By: Innovation Incubator

Let me start off by asking you what your vision of the future is. Does it have flying cars, talking robots, holographic 3-d models; whatever it has let me assure you that all these gadgets are going to have 0% human touch. It’s all going to be Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence. The future will have us bumping into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Cognitive Computing in every turn of the way. It is high time that we start defining what AI and Cognitive Computing mean for business. They have already captured the fantasy and significance of all organizations irrespective of their size; where would they invest?, will they make an impact on the firm’s respected field of expertise.?, and most importantly when can we implement this? These are the important questions that arise when we talk about the future of this remarkable field. But the real question is, are the businesses ready for such a huge step? Or will the age old question of ‘will AI and CC put white-collar workers out of a job’ play a dirty hand here as well. The arguments for this statement are of course going to come flying in from all quadrants if you are or were a developer, you’ve probably already written or used software programs that can generate other software programs – that’s obviously going to be the first argument. But what the Naysayers don’t realize is that they are merely stalling the inevitable; this is the basis of future. The first approach for the need for AI in programming came during the stages of testing. This makes sense, as quality is the underlining parameter in this digital age; it becomes extremely difficult to guarantee that within the constraints of timed delivery and also to achieve this within the capital extended. Naturally, the solution to this and many other existing issues was and always will be Cognitive Computing. Ladies & Gentlemen Welcome to the future.