The Safety Side Effect of Cognitive Computing

18 Apr, 2017 / Cognitive Computing By: Innovation Incubator

People in this digital age will not be surprised at driverless cars. The advancements of science have boggled our mind completely. It has even enabled cars to care for human comfort, information, and entertainment preferences in unimaginable ways. The future will have cars capable of self-repair and even communicating with its adjacent cars. Imagine a situation where the cars themselves know the turn, speeding pattern and overtaking tendencies of the vehicle in front. We can kiss goodbye to accidents from drunken driving, from not using indicators, the clash of overtaking or turning; because each vehicle keeps getting updates from the approaching vehicles on the road. The automobile is able to analyze and decipher the right outputs that need to be taken for each scenario. The utopian scenario would be the complete and effective implementation of Cognitive Computing in the field of Automobile which would completely eradicate the concept of ‘road accidents’. Faulty machinery and parts would still be a cause but that would be the only cause. There will never be an accident due to human error. Cognitive Computing in making the world a simple place for humans have made it 100% safe as a meager side effect. The potential of the cognitive computing in any field is unimaginably vast and it is safe to say that the future will be cognitive.