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What is Systems Engineering as a Service?

SEaaS comprises  of AiOps, DevOps, Platform Engineering, SecOps, SRE, MLOps and QAOps services.

Why is
Systems Engineering

Waste of information technology infrastructure, power, time, money and other resources can be reduced by following rigorous systems engineering practices. It allows software engineering organizations to manage complexity and risk and help optimize cost and resources while ensuring quality and reliability across the lifecycle of digital platforms and apps.

SEaaS is a division of Innovation Incubator Advisory

Our Services



We can assist to enhance software delivery, create a culture of agility and automation and hasten product releases in the cloud. The first stop is DevOps, by merging software development and IT operations.
We are DevOps professionals fully abreast with the latest developments in DevOps strategy for startups and enterprises, primarily in the USA, Canada and Middle East. We offer a variety of advisory and technical services.

CI/CD Pipelines

Increase the frequency and pace of releases so you can improvise and improve your product faster. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are practices that automate the software release process, from build to deploy.

Cloud Migrations

Move data and applications to a more effective and secure environment than on-premise servers. Assist with On-premise to Cloud migrations & Cloud to Cloud Migrations.

SRE - Site Reliability Engineering

Proactively seeks to convert production environments to a more scalable, robust, and secure state.

Process Automation

Automation is an integral part of speeding up cloud provisioning with infrastructure as code. This service model helps us to deploy stacks without human intervention.

Monitoring and Logging

Leverage modern DevOps tools and technologies and follow best practices for reliable monitoring and logging.

Hybrid Cloud

Take advantage of public cloud options like Google Cloud , AWS, Azure etc while maintaining the existing On-Premise infrastructure.

Pilot Frameworks

Identifies the best DevOps model and toolchain for business needs and optimizes your existing IT structure and resource usage to meet your goals faster and with fewer errors.

Infrastructure as Code

Reduce or eliminate the need for manual infrastructure management and provisioning processes by committing these infrastructure configuration specifications to code and maintaining detailed version control notes.

Cost Optimization

Cloud expenses skyrocket due to over provisioned resources, unnecessary capacity and poor environmental visibility. Cost optimization helps organizations strike a balance between cloud performance and cost.

Testing and Control

The amendments by the developers are validated by creating a build and running an automated test against them, and only upon successful completion, the changes are deployed. In the case of Continuous Integration, emphasis is on testing automation. This is to validate if it is broken whenever new commits are integrated into the main branch.

Tools / Technologies used in DevOps



QaOps is an emerging field in Systems Engineering that integrates QA (Quality Assurance) into software delivery pipelines. It necessitates the QA team to work directly with the operations and development teams.  With QAOps, we get the flexibility to test the application within the process and there is no need for an isolated software testing process.

Automated Testing

Scalability Testing (Load Testing)

Parallel Testing

Regression Testing



Cyberattacks have become one of the biggest hazards facing businesses of all kinds in recent years. A single cyberattack can result in significant losses in revenue and brand reputation. We help identify, defend against, and reduce cybersecurity risks. Our specialized, industry-leading cyber security services (SecOps) will safeguard your network and what matters most to you. We adhere to the standard guidelines of WSTG and MASTG from OWASP.

Source-Code Analysis

Analyse source code to identify potential security vulnerabilities and coding errors. This helps to identify and address security flaws before deployment and mitigate the risk of cyber attacks.

Security Assessment & Auditing

Evaluate your organization's AWS infrastructure security and identify potential vulnerabilities and threats. This helps to ensure that security measures are effective and in compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

Compliance Management

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. It involves monitoring systems, analyzing data, and identifying and addressing potential compliance issues to minimize risk and maintain the integrity of the organization's security posture.

Application Pentesting

Assess an application's security by simulating real-world attacks. identify potential vulnerabilities, test the application's ability to withstand attacks, and provide recommendations for improving security. Application pentesting helps organizations to identify and address security weaknesses before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Tools / Technologies used in SecOps



Build and Deploy Machine Learning Models into production safely, quickly, and in a scalable fashion. By providing the following advantages, implementing MLOps principles helps you complete ML initiatives with a shorter time to market.

ML/AI Continuous Training

Move data and applications to a more effective and secure environment than on-premise servers. On-premise to Cloud migrations & Cloud to Cloud Migrations.

CI/CD Pipelines for ML

Automated CI/CD system for ML pipelines in production. The automated CI/CD system lets your data science team rapidly explore new ideas around feature engineering, model architecture, and hyperparameters.

Our People

Aaron Daniel

Head Systems Engineering

Rajith V

Lead Systems Engineer

Anil Augustine

Senior Systems Engineer

Soorya Narayanan S

Systems Engineer

Kiran K V

Junior Devops Engineer

Faith L Kunjumon

Junior System Administrator

Nishat Momin

DevOps Engineer

M R Anand

SecOps Engineer

Aravind S.V

SecOps Engineer

Mukund S V

SecOps Engineer

Vipin Kumar

System Administrator

Case study

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A solution for a unique USA based digital healthcare company that provides a 24/7 telehealth treatment, triage, and navigation …


Our client was a comprehensive online automotive digital retailing and marketing platform that allowed dealers …


Solution for a healthcare platform designed to automate revenue cycle management processes throughout the system. Initially,


To fulfill the client’s requirement of developing an AI-powered fleet management system, we received data from approximately …


We developed an AI-powered platform that utilizes photometry, radiometry, and computer vision to efficiently classify…



Machine Learning Model Deployments Using Seldon Core

Creating an EKS cluster using eksctl

Building a local Kubernetes cluster using k3d

SonarQube deployed in AWS ECS Fargate

Apache Spark on

Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps has had a significant impact on virtually every business that relies on the delivery of software in devices, web, and mobile in various cloud or on premise environments. We have deep experience in Healthcare, Real Estate, FinTech, Automotive, Social Retail, Outdoor sporting and Telecom.

MLOps addresses several issues that are commonly faced when deploying, scaling, and maintaining ML models in production environments. This includes AI Model reproducibility, model validation and testing, scalability, CI/CD, Model compliance and governance and Model life cycle management.
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