Steps for the Future

10 Apr, 2017 / Cognitive Computing By: Innovation Incubator

A radical change can be expected in the working environment between man and machine in the not so distant future. A future where the term labor will refer to both human and digital. 2016 had us witness the ‘zettabyte era’. This means that in the year of 2016 had the world wide web have up to 270 bytes of raw data. Having this amount of raw data proves a solution to no particular issue. We stand on the forefront on the next industrial revolution. Like every scholar has predicted the next revolution will not be regarding products but services. The only logical solution to be implemented regarding these data is the science of Big Data Analysis. That is the first step, filtering and sorting the vast data ready to be used. Machine Learning is the next step which involves training or programming the machine to put these data into use. The third and most important step is the implementation of all this process in a rather automatic system and that proves possible only with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence. These effective amalgamations of the above mentioned 3 steps are together referred to as Cognitive Computing. Cognitive Computing is indeed the ideal course to be enforced for the smooth shaping of a business.