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By: Fathima Saleem

27 Feb, 2019 / Artificial Intelligence

Migration to Prescriptive AI

There is enormous amount of data that is being generated per second. By 2020 the...

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By: Anil Kumar

18 Feb, 2019 / Blog Posts, Healthcare

Top 5 AI trends to watch out for in 2019

AI chipsets: Major chip manufacturers like Intel, NVidia, AMD, ARM, Qualcomm will make chips that...

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28 Jan, 2019 / WHIZ.AI

Siamese Neural Network ( With Pytorch Code Example )

Author : D. Robin Reni , AI Research Intern Classification of Items based on their...

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20 Sep, 2018 / WHIZ.AI

WordCloud Using R Language

Why R is considered as the most prominent language for Data Science ? What is...

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FOMAA Professional Summit at University of Texas Dallas on April 7th 2018

Our Chairman Madhavan Padmakumar and myself will be presenting at the FOMAA Professional Summit to...

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