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Real Estate Specifications in Cognitive Computing

By: Innovation Incubator
19 Apr, 2017 / Real Estate

The advantages of Cognitive Computing in the field of Real Estate breaks through all possible known boundaries, it has the ability to extract the required information from any structured/unstructured raw data and apply to the necessary fields. It can even read through thousands of property brochures and highlight the key data such as name and details of the tenant, pricing around each locale and price per square foot. These data assists the cognitive computer to prepare an ideal index for […]

Advancements in Real Estate – The Cognitive Way

By: Innovation Incubator
07 Apr, 2017 / Real Estate

What if you wake up one fine morning and listed to you is an index of all the available property on the basis ofYour budgetGeographical location to your work environmentYour climatic preferencesPolitical backgroundGovernment advances in and around the areaProximity to amenitiesIt is sorted and filtered on basis of all this. A family home, a bachelor pad, a vacation get a way; whatever be the objective you need not run to agents or dealers who are waiting for potential targets to […]

Businesses are racing to keep up with consumer demands and technological innovations.  Adoption, innovation, and customer acceptance of intelligent agents are increasing. Both businesses and customers are recognizing the value of virtual agents in terms of customer service and support.Cognitive conversational bots power customer relationship management that allow businesses to drive customer advocacy through increased customer engagement, transaction, and satisfaction. Rather than keyword matching with regular expressions done in chatbots, Cognitive Bots (CogBot) listen, converse with natural language, understand and […]

Case Study: Heat Map in Real Estate

By: Innovation Incubator
14 Dec, 2016 / Real Estate

New dynamically rebuilding cognitive models and real time cognitive analytics capabilities Cognub Decision Solutions January 27, 2016 9:00 AM MANHASSET HILLS, NEW YORK, Jan. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Cognub Decision Solutions (aka Kreara Solutions), the first cognitive decision science company in Real Estate, today announced a new “insights as a service” platform for the real estate ecosystem in USA. This new generation platform is embedded in PropMix, a new proprietary real time data aggregation, validation and retrieval engine. Cognub will […]