The Uncharted Realms of Cognitive Computing

04 Apr, 2017 / Cognitive Computing By: Innovation Incubator

Cognitive Computing in the field of marketing and exports will create ripples of change. Let us imagine the need to export a list of several different materials. The user probably never knows the dimensions of individual items such as weight, volume etc. but what if we introduce a cognitive system capable of going through large chunks of data and correlate and filter through each & every product. The obvious question that comes up will be “won’t the laborers be redundant?” The first idea that people must be aware is that cognitive computers are designed for the repetitive task. Any task that performs periodically can be made to function with optimizing the effect. So there will definitely be some layoffs for these jobs. But the different job opportunities that arise from the implementation of Cognitive Computing will be far more. Every industrial revolution had the same effect, there were several professions that came redundant and taken over the machine but this never meant humans were replaced. They always had moved to higher planes. The founding concept of cognitive computing was indeed for machines and humans to work in harmony for the optimized and effective progress for the future. The advice every professional must follow is that never aim to replicate your previous year and hope to be successful a second time over.