Virtual Cognitive Agents

21 Mar, 2017 / Cognitive Computing By: Innovation Incubator

The value of virtual agents in both client side, as well as customer side, is of great importance. A virtual assistant goes a long way in understanding the relation between customer and client. Not to mention it boosts customer engagement transaction and contentment. The most important feature of a cognitive computer featured virtual agent is that it can converse in real time. It can understand human speech and dialect and do the same for machine as well. It acts as a mediator between the limitless analytic powers of the machine to the unfathomable human thought process. This would be extremely beneficial in the chat box of different firms as the cognitive computing analytics help in comprehending and attaining the needed information or knowledge so as to provide the decisive support. The fields they can touch extend from real estate to automotive to healthcare to marketing. Basically, there will be no area of field of expertise that wouldn’t profit from the implementation of these cognitive powered virtual experiences. The scope of this exceeds our thought process as the virtual agent can even learn to identify unstructured sentences and give optimize results with the assistance of keywords and in future AIML(Artificial Intelligence Markup Language).