The Voice of Health Care

04 Apr, 2017 / Health Care By: Innovation Incubator

How many of us have adamantly decided to go on that much-needed diet or made a pact that we will regularly hit the gym and ultimately given up? As embarrassing as it is, and as much as many of us won’t care to admit it, we have been weak in our life especially in the case of dietary and health issues. This is mainly because of our youthful sprite. We have not experienced the ramification of this unhealthy lifestyle. Imagine a friend advising you 24*7 regarding this very issue. Every bite you take, he tells you the total calorie content, he proposes an ideal diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner gave your work and stress load, not to mention taking account of your physical activities as well. Of course, you won’t believe everything he says but what if he can never go wrong and his one sole purpose in life is to ensure your well-being and keep you healthy as long as physically possible. This dream fictional character will soon be a reality in the not so distant future. I am of course talking about cognitive computing in the field of health care. A digital assistant that monitors every aspect of your biological welfare. From simple diagnosis such as ‘increased thirst level’ & ‘high-calorie content product’ to pointing out symptoms of unfavorable diseases. The device will be able to measure the increase in WBC’s in the blood stream which is warning sign for forthcoming illness. The personalized touch the cognitive computing will be able to give to its respected hosts would be something that can never be replicated in any medical institution. These developments in cognitive computing and artificial Intelligence could unlock the key to better customer care service, cost- effective treatment and the overall increase in population health.