World of innovative thoughts and ideas

01 Feb, 2018 / Innovation Incubator By: Roshna S

‘Innovation Incubator’, that’s what we call our world of innovative thoughts and ideas.
Like any fresh mind entering into an IT firm, we all have our own expectations and feelings about our job and company. There is nothing stopping you to excel when you get an environment to grow, when your ideas are not only heard but also innovated and implemented. Value system here is strong but really adaptable enough that any person who joins would automatically fits into the group within hours of entry. When it comes to someone who has spent years here, every moments spend here adds value to the life. Especially when you learn and innovate new technologies and its implementations, strategies and process every day.

Home away from home
Happiest place anyone can be are their own homes with their family. When your organization provide and maintains similar environment, what else can you ask for!!!

Excel yourself and success would follow
Something everyone experiences in Innovation Incubator… Everyone is given opportunity and right push to grow and that itself in turn helps in making the company successful.

Motivation and inspiration at every step
When you are motivated it would show in everything else you do. That’s the case for every member of Innovation Incubator. Everyone is inspired some or other way and every one motivates every other one here.

Recognition at every achievement
Recognition is one value system that every member of Innovation Incubator experience throughout their career here. All are treated as special regardless of what are the main activities handled.

A Day at Innovation Incubator
A day at Innovation Incubator is refreshing as each person love the work they do and ensure the work life balance. The pleasant working environment, flexible working times, people friendly policies and support among the team mates which keeps us highly motivated.
Every day at Innovation Incubator starts with standup meetings and team also formulates plan for meeting the challenges and finding solutions together. You wouldn’t feel alone when you know there are reliable people around you to help. The team believes in continuous learning and finds time for it. It not only helps us to get ourselves better in doing tasks but also doing it smart and in less time. What’s been achieved here in 1 month is equivalent to what’s been achieved in a year somewhere else, a reason why even members of top MNCs look forward to join us.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Many times, used up bringing people and business together, Innovation Incubator had the honor of working with some incredible people and clients who have reliably pushed to get better at what we do. We’re really proud of what we’ve helped to achieve the goals together.

Proactive steps taken to ensure the tasks are done and delivered on time help the members and customers. Quality delivery being given the at most priority helps us to retain and get more customers. Our policy ensures that we understand the customers and owns their work as if like we are really working on improving our business. This helps in establishing good personal/official bondage with them and also ensures more value delivered at every milestone.

Each person gets an opportunity to give feedbacks, balancing the positive and negative. We used to get chance to share the thoughts, feedbacks and ideas of improvement without any rules or guidelines to the leads through one to ones and feedback surveys. This valuable information helps to improve and enhance an individual, team, business and the organization to make important decisions as well as to maintain communication with each other. Each time we get an opportunity to open up, we feel valued and appreciated as our thoughts can help to formulate business decisions.

Peer Recognition
There’s a different dynamic at play when we often told “good job” to our peers. At Innovation Incubator, people can nominate peers that demonstrate their values. This opens up recognition to every level of employment.

At Innovation Incubator, people are appreciated and valued, performance is developed, vision and excellence are encouraged, and leadership and teamwork are rewarded. The leadership at Innovation Incubator is simple, honest and highly approachable, which makes it easy for everyone to work together as one team and emphasis on the business and clients.

Innovation Incubator follows a unique culture which is not so typical as the normal corporate one. Innovation Incubator’s success can be attributed to this culture which is openness, transparency, trust and mutual respect and these potentials then naturally drop down into the policies and procedures.

While innovation and evolution are important in any industry, Innovation Incubator gets it, connects it and lives it. We can call Innovation Incubator as “the organization of our ideas and dreams and ideal place to build the career’’.