Amazon Web Services Partnership

Empowering Scalable and Secure Cloud Solutions


We are an approved incubator with AWS Activate for Startups and an AWS Services Partner for Enterprises. We specialize in designing and deploying tailored cloud solutions on AWS through our dedicated team of expert cloud engineers, analysts and solutions architects. We help you to navigate technical complexity, embrace innovation, leverage disruptive technologies and drive business value in the best and most efficient way.

How Amazon Web Services (AWS) can benefit you


AWS provides the broadest selection of analytics services that fit all your data analytics needs and enables organizations of all sizes and industries to reinvent their business

Application Integration

Application integration on AWS enables communication between decoupled components within microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications

Developer Tools

Host code, build, test, and deploy your applications quickly and effectively with AWS developer tools like SDKs, code editors and (CI/CD) services.


AWS provides the broadest selection of purpose-built databases allowing you to save, grow, and innovate faster


Secure and resizable compute capacity for virtually any workload

End User Computing

AWS End User Computing (EUC) services provide secure access to the virtual desktops and streamed apps workers need to get their job done.

Front End Web and Mobile

AWS offers a broad set of tools and services to support development workflows for native iOS/Android, React Native, and JavaScript developers.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Get deeper insights from your data while lowering costs with AWS ML. AWS has a comprehensive set of AI and ML services, infrastructure and implementation resources.


AWS offers technologies for running code, managing data, and integrating applications, all without managing servers with automatic scaling, built-in high availability etc.

Network and Content Delivery

Get the broadest and deepest set of networking and content delivery services in the world with the highest level of reliability, security, and performance.


AWS storage services provide storage, data backup, and collection.


AWS offers flexibility in terms of pricing, security and scaling from anywhere, anytime and any device. It offers IaaS, PaaS and serverless computing.

Migration & Transfer

Migrate workloads with ease using AWS. It provides various tools to migrate applications, databases and servers to the public cloud.

Security, Identity & Compliance

AWS provides a range of cloud security services to protect your IT infrastructure which is globally compliant and meets all the regulatory requirements.


AWS ensures you can scale up and down instantly to adjust to spikes your infrastructure may face.AWS’ pay-as-you-use payment model is IT budget friendly.

How Innovation Incubator can assist you

Our AWS certified experts make the perfect team to provide AWS services for your organization. Our main goal is to provide a specialized, secure, compliant, and AI-powered administration framework for your business. We achieve this using various methods as listed below.


Draft cloud strategy and implementation plans.


Customize AWS Cloud Infrastructure based on your specific needs. CI/CD Pipeline, Automated QA, SSO, API Gateway, AWS Codeconnect, AWS Device Farm.


We assist with On-premise to Cloud migrations & Cloud to Cloud Migrations using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and/or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).


Strategic use of AWS Cloud Managed services like Amazon VPC, Kafka, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain etc. Covers DevOps, AIOps, SecOps, Platform Engineering and MLOps.


24/7 monitoring and reporting of AWS Cloud Platforms. Covers SRE.


Secure the cloud operation with AWS Secure Managed Services.

Startup/Enterprise Success Stories

Virtual Care Platform
A solution for a unique USA based digital healthcare company that provides a 24/7 telehealth treatment, triage, and navigation service through its digital front door platform. In addition to offering robust clinical assistance and educational resources for patients. Due to the sensitive nature of PHI data, our Client prioritized security and confidentiality in addition to the HIPAA compliant platform performance and scalability. To meet their client’s requirements, We chose AWS as their cloud provider and N.Virginia as the region. Runs on AWS Cognito, Lambda, EC2, Redshift, Glue, VPC, RDS, S3, SNS, SES, CloudWatch, Macie, Security Hub etc.
Revenue Cycle Management
Built and deployed a healthcare platform designed to automate revenue cycle management processes throughout the system. AWS was used as the infrastructure platform, with Bitbucket used for source code maintenance and Jenkins for CI/CD.
Aging in Place AI Platform
The App is designed to be a companion for family caregivers and health plan care managers as they help seniors on what is often a long and sometimes frustrating journey. We use AWS to host the App and use the various AWS components viz:- AWS Security Hub, AWS Guard duty, APIGateway,AWS Certificate Manager, CloudFront, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, CodeBuild, CodeCommit Cognito, Config. DynamoDB, EC2 Container Registry (ECR), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2),Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes(EKS), Elastic Load Balancing, ElastiCache, Key Management Service, Lambda, Relational Database Service, Route 53, Secrets Manager, S3, SNS, SES etc.
Automotive Digital Retailing Marketplace
Our client offers a comprehensive online automotive digital retailing and marketing platform that allows dealers to manage their operations and marketing from a single location. Built on AWS infrastructure in the N. Virginia region, the project utilized Terraform templates to provision VPC infrastructure across multiple availability zones for high availability and disaster recovery. Various AWS components which are used are AWS lambda, S3, SQS, EC2, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch, Cloudfront etc.
Feet Management Platform
To fulfill the client’s requirement of developing an AI-powered fleet management system, we received data from approximately 5000 GPS devices located in various regions such as Kenya, Rwanda, Mumbai, and others. Initially, we only had fewer than 1000 IoT devices, which were managed through a Windows Dotnet application running on AWS. We scaled the Windows applications to ensure high availability across the various application components. The back-end endpoints, which receive data from the IoT devices, were autoscaled using AWS Autoscaling Group based on the application’s network throughput, CPU, and memory usage.
Agritech AI Seed Classifier
We developed an AI-powered platform that utilizes photometry, radiometry, and computer vision to efficiently classify seeds and analyze seed quality. Our backend endpoints were created with Amazon ECS with Fargate, which scales up on memory metrics and down during low traffic periods. We used AWS Cloudwatch to store the logs of these services, allowing us to query based on various criteria.
Real Estate and Mortgage AI Platform
AI Platform for real estate and mortgage ( ). Runs on AWS infrastructure with dynamic scaling to handle volume spikes.Uses AWS Cognito, Lambda, EC2, Redshift, Glue, VPC, RDS, S3, SNS, SES, CloudWatch, Security Hub etc.
Nationwide paper brokerage ( RubyPorch ). Runs on AWS infrastructure.
Social Retail
App-based platform offering personalized style recommendations.The app has closet organization tools and provides AI-based recommendations. Different AWS components used are CloudFormation, Lambda, API Gateway, S3, EC2, RDS, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Parameter store, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, Amazon DocumentDB,Cognito and SNS.
Ordering and reordering systems and other BSS/OSS areas including Billing and Customer support. Uses various AWS components like AWS Lake Formation, AWS Chatbot, Fraud Detector, Lambda, S3, SQS, EC2 etc.

AWS Tools We Use

AWS Migration Acceleration Program ( MAP )

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a comprehensive and proven cloud migration program based upon AWS’s experience migrating thousands of enterprise customers to the cloud. MAP can help you accelerate your cloud migration and modernization journey with an outcome-driven methodology.
MAP provides tools that reduce costs and automate and accelerate execution, tailored training approaches and content, expertise from Partners in the AWS Partner Network, a global partner community, and AWS investment. MAP also uses a proven three-phased framework (Assess, Mobilize, and Migrate and Modernize) to help you achieve your migration goals.
MAP supports specialized workloads through comprehensive tooling, services, guidance, training, and additional incentives. Specialized workload support is available for Mainframe, Windows, storage, VMware Cloud on AWS, SAP, databases, and Amazon Connect.

Reduce Cost

Decrease your IT costs by moving infrastructure and applications to the cloud, and free up resources By migrating legacy applications to the cloud, can achieve 31% average infrastructure savings.

Boost Staff Productivity

Enable your employees to shift from tactical to strategic work and dramatically scale their efforts by reducing time spent on system administration tasks by 62%.

Improve Operational Resilience

Strengthen your IT security, increase service availability, reliability and ability to respond to rapidly changing levels of demand. Using AWS can achieve a reduction of 69% in unplanned downtime.

Increase Business Agility

Accelerate innovation at a global scale by retiring your technical debt and reducing deployment timelines to complete projects faster.

How It Works

Assess your readiness

The migration readiness assessment helps you identify gaps along the six dimensions of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework - business, process, people, platform, operations, and security.

Mobilize your resources

The mobilize phase helps you build an operational foundation for your migration, with the goal of fixing the capability gaps identified in the assessment phase.

Migrate and modernize your workloads

AWS Migration Services, AWS Professional Services team, and AWS Migration Partners help you execute the large-scale migration plan developed during the mobilize phase.

AWS Activate

AWS Activate provides eligible startups with free tools, resources, and content designed to
simplify every step of the startup journey.

Benefits of AWS Activate program

The AWS Activate program offers a variety of resources and benefits for startups such as

AWS Credits

Startups in the AWS Activate program can receive free AWS credits upto $100,000 that can be used to cover the cost of various AWS services. The amount of credits varies depending on the tier of the program and the stage of the startup

AWS Activate Console

A personalized hub full of resources tailored to your startup needs at every stage of your journey. In the Console, you can access more than 40 infrastructure templates that let you iterate and demonstrate viability as you launch and scale your product.

Technical Support

Startups in the AWS Activate program have access to technical support from AWS experts. This includes access to online resources, such as documentation and tutorials, as well as the ability to contact AWS support staff with questions or issues.

Training and Education

The AWS Activate program provides startups with access to a range of training and education resources, including online courses and webinars, AWS expert curated tips for business and technical needs and and best practices training from Learn on AWS.

AWS Partners

Startups in the AWS Activate program can take advantage of the AWS Partner Network, which includes a variety of companies that offer products and services that can help startups build and scale their businesses on AWS.

Event Discounts and Offers

Startups in the AWS Activate program can receive discounts on AWS events, such as AWS re:Invent, which is an annual conference for AWS customers and partners.You will also have access to exclusive offers including discount codes and free trials from trusted organizations like HubSpot, ZenDesk and Stripe.

AWS Live Service Health Dashboard

View the current and historical status of all AWS services around the globe at the link below.

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