Setting Up Alexa on Rpi

By: Naeem Hadiq

Alexa, the digital personal assistant for Amazon, has been around for about two years and is always getting smarter. It lives inside and gives the client the ability to dictate control commands to assistants in their homes, to listen to music and more inside the Echo’s Smart Launcher. Alexa performs a number of pre-set functions such as share the content weather, set timer and create a list. It also keeps learning and curating content to enhance its skillsets. Beyond which […]

Personified Generative Chatbot using RNNs & Attention in TensorFlow “In the next few decades, as we continue to create our digital footprints, millennial’s will have generated enough data to make ‘Digital Immortality’ feasible” – MIT Technology Review, October 2018. What if there is ‘life after death’ or you can talk to your loved ones, even after they left you?  In the movie Transcendence (2014), AI researcher, Evelyn uploaded her hubby’s consciousness into a quantum computer, just before his imminent death. While the post-death […] is one of the incubated startups at Innovation Incubator. Click here to know more

Genesis of AI

03 Oct, 2019 / WHIZ.AI

Now we are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution called THE AI REVOLUTION. Things are getting changed up and more precisely they are getting automated.AI had stamped its feet on all sectors of industries most importantly on Healthcare, Finance, Transportation etc. More research is going on to enhance AI ability and their functionalities. Remember AI is not a single field of a subject it includes a variety of core subjects which are integrated to bring automation into this world. Don’t worry […]

Perhaps better than humans! Contrary to popular Hollywoodish imaginations, machines are yet to emerge as super-humans that can outsmart, or even match, human intelligence. But there are some arenas in which machine intelligence can support, or at times outwit, the limited neurological ability of human brain. Predictive policing is one domain where ‘machine learning’ can support humans, to make a positive sociological impact. Predictive Policing refers to gathering loads of data and applying algorithms, to deduce, where and when crimes […]

Navigate the Way the User Desires

By: Sumith M
22 Apr, 2019 / Blog Posts

How effective Desire Line approach is in User Experience? Providing an intuitive user experience is one of the most critical ingredients in the success of any products or services in this high demanding new age. The impact is not only blissful for the users but also lucrative to the business, apparently. Yes, the impact is two-folded. Every $1 invested in UX yields a $10 to $100 return (Courtesy: Human Factors International, Inc.) User Experience (UX) design is the process of […]

Migration to Prescriptive AI

By: Fathima Saleem

There is enormous amount of data that is being generated per second. By 2020 the new information generated will be approximately 1.7 megabytes per second for every human being. Large amount of valuable insights could be derived from the huge volume of data to help businesses take various decisions. Technology has become an enabler for this decision making process with data being an indispensable resource that no company can ignore. However, choosing the right algorithm to derive the best insights […]