Advancements in Real Estate – The Cognitive Way

By: Innovation Incubator
07 Apr, 2017 / Real Estate

What if you wake up one fine morning and listed to you is an index of all the available property on the basis ofYour budgetGeographical location to your work environmentYour climatic preferencesPolitical backgroundGovernment advances in and around the areaProximity to amenitiesIt is sorted and filtered on basis of all this. A family home, a bachelor pad, a vacation get a way; whatever be the objective you need not run to agents or dealers who are waiting for potential targets to […]

The Transition of Cognitive Computing

By: Innovation Incubator
06 Apr, 2017 / Cognitive Computing

There is no doubt that Cognitive Computing is indeed the future of the world in all sense of the meaning. Fair warning to all who dive into these waters as it is really easy to get hooked to the currents of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Algorithm. Cognitive Computing has the potential to restructure the very reality that we know. Every day in an average 1.5 MB data is being created for each person and there are 7.3 billion humans […]

The Voice of Health Care

By: Innovation Incubator
04 Apr, 2017 / Health Care

How many of us have adamantly decided to go on that much-needed diet or made a pact that we will regularly hit the gym and ultimately given up? As embarrassing as it is, and as much as many of us won’t care to admit it, we have been weak in our life especially in the case of dietary and health issues. This is mainly because of our youthful sprite. We have not experienced the ramification of this unhealthy lifestyle. Imagine […]

Cognitive Computing in the field of marketing and exports will create ripples of change. Let us imagine the need to export a list of several different materials. The user probably never knows the dimensions of individual items such as weight, volume etc. but what if we introduce a cognitive system capable of going through large chunks of data and correlate and filter through each & every product. The obvious question that comes up will be “won’t the laborers be redundant?” […]

Cognitive Automobile

By: Innovation Incubator
04 Apr, 2017 / Automotive

There is a widespread propaganda on the conceptualization of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Automobiles. The question daunting in everyone’s mind would be the purpose of A.I in an otherwise smooth-flowing system which is the automotive industry. The real question everyone must actually be pondering should be where all A.I can help the field. Driverless cars that reach us at any destination at the press of a button, judging passing lanes and proximity of adjacent vehicles, predicting traffic congestion […]

COGNITIVE Marketing Partner

By: Innovation Incubator
31 Mar, 2017 / Cognitive Computing

The history of mankind shows that for as long as media existed so did advertisements. When the newspaper was a sensation the ads started there, slowly moving to radio, television, internet and now in social media and mobile applications. There is no doubting certain marketing strategy the big shot names implement to get their products or services to the masses. The reason why several good and catchy ads failed in the market is because of their timing. Not the timing […]

Cognitive Mixture

By: Innovation Incubator
29 Mar, 2017 / Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing is not 1 single piece of technology.  It is a combination of 3 high-end techniques –Natural LearningMachine LearningReal-time ComputingThere are several available definitions to all of the above and you can imagine the queries that build on the topic of ‘cognitive computing’.  The aim is to filter through mountains of raw unsorted data that could never be achieved by a  human in their respected lifetime, not to mention make use of these data in the various fields of […]

A Ferrari or A Porsche?

By: Innovation Incubator
27 Mar, 2017 / Automotive

Humans more often than not are always in a state of confusion. They are unaware of the next decision they need to implement. No matter how small or how big of a decision it is. People always hesitate before their final judgment. Even the best decision makers stagger when the stakes are high on a field they have very little experience on. Now imagine the decision of buying your first ever car. To many that is a life event. To […]

Saving Lives, Cognitively!

By: Innovation Incubator
23 Mar, 2017 / Cognitive Computing

The biggest challenge that experts thought would exist in the field of healthcare is the exact same thing that is now creating ripples in cognitive computing area –The User Experience. Cognitive Computing is implemented on patients so as to be made aware of their ever changing conditions. This goes a long way in helping medical professionals in the field of diagnosis. A Huge amount of data is being constantly created via the cognitive medical machine. Analyzing these data is the […]

Cognitive Health Care

By: Innovation Incubator
21 Mar, 2017 / Health Care

“Prevention is better than cure”, A single sentence with so much depth might never have been spoken before. Those suffering from ailments would surely grasp the intensity of the statement. Throughout time we have read the general preventive measures for each disease but the key word is ‘general’. Early identification of any symptom can help reduce the cost of treatment. A person’s lifestyle, preferences, needs, and medical specifics will indeed play a significant role in this. Healthcare providers have now […]