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Title Experience Location Skills
Senior iOS Engineer Seift, Swift UI, C and iOs framework 5-7 Years Trivandrum

Senior iOS Engineer


5-7 Years


Seift, Swift UI, C and iOs framework




Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hours allows our employees to have more control and flexibility over their daily schedules. This arrangement acknowledges that people have different preferences and productivity patterns, enabling them to optimize their work-life balance and potentially increase overall job satisfaction. We take necessary steps to ensure effective communication and coordination among team members to ensure smooth collaboration and maintain productivity levels

Career Development Opportunities
We encourage our people to continuously learn and apply new knowledge and skills to improve individual and organizational performance. The company strives to create opportunities for learning, mentorship, and networking to enhance job performance and increase their potential for promotions or new career prospects. We also provide career advancement opportunities based on merit and recognition of an employee’s performance, skills, expertise, and potential

Rewards and Recognition Program
We believe our people are our greatest asset and always work to install a sense of pride in their job and their contributions. Spot awards are immediate forms of recognition given to employees for their outstanding performance or achievements.  We have our quarterly recognition program which is designed to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate the accomplishments, efforts, and contributions of our employees. The Quarterly R&R program comprises of two categories of awards; The High Flyer Award, which is the recognition for best individual contribution at the organizational level and The Outstanding Contributor Award, which is the for best individual contribution at team or project level. Additionally we also have special recognition awarded to people for their contributions outside the scope of their work

Work from Home anywhere
Work from anywhere offers a flexible work arrangement where our employees  have the freedom to perform their job duties from any location, as long as they have access to the necessary resources and technology. This approach eliminates the traditional requirement of being physically present in a specific office or workspace. It offers employees greater flexibility and autonomy in managing their work schedules, allowing them to balance their personal and professional lives more effectively.

Health Insurance
Health insurance is extended to employees to assist with the medical expenses of employees and their dependent family. Under this, the Company pays part of the premium for the health insurance policy. This program is incorporated to help employees manage and mitigate the financial impact of healthcare costs by sharing the expenses with the insurance provider.

Employee Oriented Work Culture and Policies
Our work culture and policies have evolved with a focus on prioritizing the well-being, growth, and satisfaction of our employees.  We aspire on building strong relationships, fostering open communication, and encouraging collaboration among team members. Our organization  prioritizes work-life balance by offering flexible working arrangements, such as remote work options, flexible scheduling and accommodative leave policies. We  provide paternity and maternity leave benefits and monthly wellness leave for women in addition to other leave types. We organize various engagement activities, team outings and club activities with a view to keep our employees engaged and happy.

Here Are Some More Reasons Why It Rocks To Be Part Of Our Family.

Regular fun team events
Flexible work environment & hours
All the gear you need – just bring yourself.
Company Benefits
Group Medical Coverage
Employees Provident Fund
Employees State Insurance
We embrace innovation and encourage a culture of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. It is how we work. We love to hire and work with problem solvers willing to unlearn, fail fast and work outside one’s comfort zone. If your idea has merit and passes smoke tests and due diligence, you could be a candidate Founder for incubation here. This means mentorship, subsidized rates and the opportunity of a lifetime to tap into our technical and domain experts and network. This could lead to new assets, Intellectual Property and/or a new startup. This may also lead to creating a new high quality reusable asset and/or solving problems for an incubated startup or an enterprise project. We listen to our people. We expect our employees to be creative and innovative in their work. This is a win win situation.
Our people reflect our culture. We at Innovation Incubator are an eclectic mix of people with a flair for innovation.
We are tied together with a genuine sense of curiosity towards learning, growth and creativity and a passion for creating things that matter. We always aim for undeniable bestness.
Add in generous amounts of fun and laughter and that’s how we roll.
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