Accelerating Innovation and Growth

We are a business partner with the startup with IBM program.Our partnership with IBM is based on various services we fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data etc.Partnering with IBM has enabled us to design and develop cognitive solutions based on the most powerful IBM Watson Cloud platform and IBM Cloud ( formerly known as IBM Bluemix )

Engage the power of
Cognitive Computing
Stay ahead of the curve by unleashing cognitive technologies
Internet of Things
Reshape your industry by learning from the connected world
Innovate with the cloud built for cognitive business
Acquire deeper insights and drive faster innovation
Prevent, detect and respond to enterprise threats

Startup with IBM

Startup program with IBM is focused on helping B2B scaleups navigate the challenges and opportunities of growth and getting to market faster. The program is aimed to support early-stage startups and entrepreneurs by providing access to IBM Cloud services, technical support, and other resources to help them grow and succeed.
Benefits of Startup with IBM program
Free cloud credits for over 100 services
Free IBM Cloud credits to spend on a wide range of IBM Cloud services, such as virtual servers, AI and machine learning tools, blockchain technology, data analytics, and more.
Access to AI, automation and security
Integrated technologies from IBM give you the tools to build a stronger, more innovative business where your data is protected.
Established global marketplaces
Get your offerings in front of nearly 25 million IBM customers, visitors, partners and developers to scale up faster.
Technical Support
Participants in the program receive technical guidance and assistance from IBM experts to help them effectively use IBM Cloud services and technologies.
Collaboration Opportunities
Partnering with startups that demonstrated promising solutions, providing them with potential business opportunities, and access to enterprise clients.
Business Development Support
Assistance with go-to-market strategies, product development, and marketing to help accelerate the growth.
Advantages of scaling up with IBM
Accelerate innovation
Explore the power of a full-stack, hybrid cloud platform with IBM. Choose from more than 100 products and services covering data and AI, containers, IoT, and blockchain. IBM offers code patterns, hands-on workshops and expertise from technical architects.
Build once, deploy anywhere
Build solutions to run on any cloud infrastructure with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Paks. Protect your data using data encryption and edge-to-cloud threat management.
More places to sell with IBM
Expand your client base using dynamic, high-traffic marketplaces offering co-sell opportunities with IBM Partnerworld, Red Hat Marketplace and IBM Cloud Catalog.