By: Anil Kumar

03 Oct, 2019 / Artificial Intelligence, FinTech

Infographic: How Cryptocurrency works is one of the incubated startups at Innovation Incubator. Click here to know more...

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03 Oct, 2019 / WHIZ.AI

Genesis of AI

Now we are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution called THE AI REVOLUTION. Things are getting...

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By: Anand

18 Sep, 2019 / Artificial Intelligence

Can machines predict and prevent crimes?

Perhaps better than humans! Contrary to popular Hollywoodish imaginations, machines are yet to emerge as...

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By: Innovation Incubator

22 Apr, 2019 / Blog Posts

Navigate the Way the User Desires

How effective Desire Line approach is in User Experience? Providing an intuitive user experience is...

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By: Fathima Saleem

27 Feb, 2019 / Artificial Intelligence

Migration to Prescriptive AI

There is enormous amount of data that is being generated per second. By 2020 the...

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By: Anil Kumar

18 Feb, 2019 / Blog Posts, Healthcare

Top 5 AI trends to watch out for in 2019

AI chipsets: Major chip manufacturers like Intel, NVidia, AMD, ARM, Qualcomm will make chips that...

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