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The Familheey app, incubated by Innovation Incubator is helping families and communities to come together

In a first of its kind initiative, Familheey a mobile platform launched by My Family Group and incubated by Technopark-based startup Innovation Incubator is helping communities and organizations from across the globe to overcome the difficulties caused by COVID19 pandemic and serve the society. The mobile app has become a significant network platform for families and communities trying to connect with each other during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. My Family Group, co-founded by a Keralite Ajith Nair, envisions the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language in supporting aspirants, communities and organizations to achieve their goals, mission, and vision.

My Family Group, co-founded by Ajith Nair, a Malayali along with three others — Eric Robertson, Angela Chinweze and Ken Chinweze – are fighting the pandemic by supporting communities, organizations and aspirants to achieve their vision. The Familheey app has been able to create the biggest Covid-19 support network by providing necessary information and help related to the pandemic. This network is helping doctors, healthcare workers and global communities to fight the pandemic across the US, Africa, India and Australia. The networking platform has also enabled Covid-19 survivors to share their experiences. The support network includes people from different groups, organizations and communities from around the world.

The Familheey mobile app has a unique feature “Request” to help families and communities with basic-essentials and other needs as they fight COVID-19 pandemic. “Through the Request feature, any individual can make a request, from essential commodities or financial help to a request for volunteers,” said Anil Kumar T, Head of marketing, Familheey. He also added that events can be held with the help of the networking platform. “For instance, using the app, two events were hosted in Houston where free masks were distributed,” said Anil. This app is scaling up rapidly for families, groups and organizations to work together now. Familheey’s community focus makes it the ideal platform for CSR and non-profit organizations.

“Familheey is a state of the art mobile relationship building platform incubated at the Technopark based Innovation Incubator”, says Antony Satyadas, Managing Partner and CEO, Innovation Incubator group of companies.  “Familheey is fast emerging as a collaboration tool for companies that are looking to connect, engage and grow a diverse workforce. This mobile app will become the Social Intranet gluing employee volunteers across grassroot families, corporate responsibility initiatives and professional networks”. The next Familheey milestone is the roll out of its global Lockdown Mobile Photography Contest in July 2020 that will showcase the best of mobile photography over the lockdown period in geographies as diverse as USA, Africa, India and Australia. The mobile photography contest feature exciting cash prizes ($1000, $500 and $250) for mobile photographs.

AWS Workloads used in Familheey App: A Case Study

  • Frontend sites were revamped and hosted in Amazon S3
  • Amazon CloudFront was used as a CDN to cache the website across the globe
  • Amazon CloudFront helped to serve the website contents faster and more efficiently
  • We used Bitbucket for our source versioning and AWS CodeBuild for CI/CD
  • We have used Amazon Cognito for authentication of users 
  • Amazon SNS and Amazon SES were used for sending mails and SMS based on Cognito
  • The backend endpoints are created with Amazon ECS with AWS Fargate which is scaled up on memory metrics and also scales down when there is only less traffic. The logs of these services are kept in AWS CloudWatch service where we can query based on different criterions

  • The backend of Familheey also shared the responsibility of socket communication this was performed with multiport  Amazon ECS service which is only able to create with AWS CLI
  • Later AWS Elasticsearch was implemented in Familheey to deliver ‘discover’ option in app
  • We have used Amazon LightSail for WordPress sites which showcased blogs
  • Amazon WorkMail is used for mail server which is automatically forwarded to respective teams 
  • Amazon ElastiCache is used for Redis which is a two node cluster in prod and one node in other environments


Summary of AWS Tools used:

Continuous Integration Tools: Amazon CodeBuild

Database: Amazon ElastiCache

Containerization & Deployment: Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate

Authentication: AWS Cognito, Amazon SNS, Amazon SES

Encryption: AWS KMS

Web Hosting: AWS S3, AWS LightSail, Amazon CloudFront

DNS Management: AWS Route 53

Logging, Monitoring & Alerting: Amazon CloudWatch

Load Balancing: AWS ALB