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A ‘Familheey’ to stay connected and achieve your vision

KOCHI: The pandemic has left communities and organisations in a fix, making it difficult for them to achieve specific goals. Now, Familheey, a mobile platform launched by My Family Group, incubated by Technopark-based startup Innovation Incubator is helping communities and organisations from across the globe to overcome the very same obstacles and serve the society.

My Family Group, co-founded by Ajith Nair, a Malayali along with three others — Eric Robertson, Angela Chinweze and Ken Chinweze – are fighting the pandemic by supporting communities, organisations and aspirants to achieve their vision. Launched three months ago, the Familheey app has been able to create the biggest Covid-19 support network by providing necessary information and help related to the pandemic. The networking platform has also enabled Covid-19 survivors to share their experiences. The support network includes people from different groups, organisations and communities from around the world.

Although there are many social media platforms which ensure communication, My Family Group team wanted to focus on a mobile application which not only enables people to communicate in a better way but also reach their ultimate purpose. “The main objective of the networking platform was to bring together a group of people connected with a purpose. At this time, we are happy to see that the platform is helpful,” said Ajith.

The app has a unique feature ‘Request’ which enables people to provide support to families and communities in need. “Through the feature, any individual can make a request, from essential commodities or financial help to a request for volunteers,” said Anil Kumar T, head of marketing, Familheey. He also added that events can be held with the help of the networking platform. “For instance, using the app, two events were hosted in Houston where free masks were distributed,” said Anil.

Familheey’s focus on communities makes it an ideal platform for non-profit organisations. It also helps doctors and healthcare workers to fight against the pandemic with the support of communities. “Familheey enables you to stay connected with your personal, professional and social network. We are working on more community-based projects in India and abroad,” said Ajith.Through Familheey, a global lockdown mobile photography contest is being held which will feature selected ones from across the world. Winners will be awarded cash prizes of $1,000, $500 and $250.