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Innovation Incubator announces new Cognitive Solutions powered by “Insights as a Service” platform at AI world

Innovation Incubator, one of the leading incubator and accelerator for AI and immersive experience powered startups, announces  new solution capabilities at AI World  from its portfolio companies through Cognitive Fabric and  Insights as a Service Platform .This includes intelligent assistants, advisors, classifiers, evaluators, predictors and educators in Real estate, Automotive, Healthcare, Retail and Education.

Cognub, the Clinical research and AI services and solutions company recently delivered a proactive application maintenance and support system to detect anomalies and predict incident events at runtime from system logs using Cognitive Learning and Natural Language Processing. Cognub is also incubating Cognitive Microbiome Solutions, a startup based out of Florida USA that offers statistical/AI services for Microbiome researchers., a Real Estate tech startup, has augmented its cognitive image advisor Sally to allow IDX portal visitors to find and compare homes using the photos posted by agents. It automatically labels, infers property details and standardizes them to RESO.

GoGoCar, the auto dealer and consumer tech startup is now offering Gogo, a conversation-based intelligent virtual agent that understands natural language and responds to consumer queries using voice/text. Its continuous learning and intelligent knowledge retrieval capabilities powered by AI enables auto marketers, OEMs and dealerships to engage the consumer in new ways.

“We are excited about the exponential growth in understanding of our brain and mind and how machine cognition with AI can disrupt and create new markets. Drona, Indhaler and Popcare are long term bets solving tough problems in medical education, integrative medicine and population health”, said Mr. Antony Satyadas, group CEO of Innovation Incubator. “My AI startup in the early 1990s had more than 100 customers worldwide doing predictions, evaluation, ontology building, knowledge retrieval and decision support using various combinations of neural networks, immune and evolutionary algorithms and fuzzy systems. Enterprise customers today are looking at our invention factory as a way to accelerate their time to market using cognitive insights, immersive experience and blockchain. This means typically getting a prototype out in a month and an MVP within 6 months.”

About Innovation Incubator

Innovation Incubator is one of the leading Cognitive/AI and immersive experience solution startup incubator and accelerator with bets in Real Estate, Automotive, Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, Clinical Research and IT in addition to AI and immersive experience. An approved incubator for AWS Activate and IBM Global Entrepreneur programs, Innovation Incubator portfolio companies benefit from entrepreneurs in residence and jumpstart technology packs such as the Cognitive Fabric, Invention Factory and Data Factory. Headquartered in New York, we also have presence in Boston MA, Leesburg VA, Freehold NJ and Atlanta GA in USA and Trivandrum,Kerala in India.