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OptionSoft Technologies Acquires GoGoCar

A true end-to-end digital retailing experience that completes the customer’s journey to purchase automobiles, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, anytime, on any device.

CLIFTON PARK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 / — OptionSoft Technologies, Inc., a premier software and technology provider of automotive, RV, powersport and financial institutions for retailing, compliance and reporting, announced the acquisition of the GoGoCar technology platform from GoGoCar Holdings, Inc., based in New York. Founded in 2016, GoGoCar is a comprehensive digital retailing platform for the automotive market. The addition of GoGoCar establishes OptionSoft Technologies as one of the only full enterprise software solution providers in the industry.

The public wants the option to complete a purchase online, especially during and post-COVID-19. GoGoCar answers the call with to-the-penny pricing, not just a “ballpark estimate.” Car buyers will not only be able to choose features such as trim and color, but they will also have the ability to compare models, evaluate their trade-in with real-time offers, choose protection options, review terms from hundreds of lenders and even secure credit and sign contracts — all from the comfort of their home, office or wherever they choose.

“Finally, a platform that doesn’t ask for name, rank and serial number when you request a price quote,” said Chris Murphy, president and CMO at OptionSoft Technologies. “Transparency, trust and time are what the consumer receives using GoGoCar, along with a great deal.” The GoGoCar platform also comes with state-of-the-art features to help the customer during the digital car-buying journey, including a “Virtual Automotive Assistant” powered by artificial intelligence that assists, recommends and transacts with buyers, and virtual reality technology, which virtually places the vehicle in the car buyer’s driveway.

GoGoCar’s Express Dealer Solutions offer a single place where a dealer can set up, operate, market and run sales operations all powered by one single service. “This platform was built for car dealers by car dealers,” said Tony Urrutia, CEO and founder of GoGoCar, who will be staying on with GoGoCar in a consultative role to help transition the platform to OptionSoft. “As a dealer for 25 years, I know there are an overwhelming number of factors that go into making a great deal for the customer and the dealer. We built a platform that allows the dealers’ processes to be streamlined by the technology to ensure the consumer receives a fair deal and the dealer becomes more efficient, therefore more profitable. I’m extremely excited to transition the GoGoCar platform to OptionSoft — they are a force in the technology-side of the auto industry and have built an impeccable reputation over the past two decades.”

“GoGoCar allows consumers to engage with dealerships and OEMs, on their terms, with full transparency,” said Ken Tomaro, CEO and founder of OptionSoft Technologies. “This next-level technology will bridge the gap for the automotive industry and its customers. You will finally be able to shop for your next vehicle, purchase it the way we shop for everything else online and feel great about the deal.”

GoGoCar Availability
GoGoCar is available now and OptionSoft is taking reservations for installations in mid-August 2020.