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Innovation Incubator Group Chairman Receives Global Excellence Award From Indian Defense Minister

Innovation Incubator group Chairman Madhavan Padmakumar was one among the 16 Janam TV global excellence award winners honored in New Delhi India on Nov 25th 2017. A serial entrepreneur and visionary, he is also the founder of Software Incubator Inc, Indunia International and Seva Saroj, a unique social entrepreneurship initiative transforming lives of hundreds of underprivileged women and children in Kerala, India.

Innovation Incubator group, founded and run by four managing partners, incubates and accelerates startups through Innovation Incubator Holding LLC USA, Innovation Incubator Inc USA and Innovation Incubator Advisory Private Limited India. There are more than a dozen portfolio companies in Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Immersive Experience, Real Estate Tech, Auto Tech, Healthcare and Retail. Innovation Incubator Inc portfolio includes among others,, Cognub Decision Solutions, 3EIT Solutions and GoGoCar. All these bets leverage deep learning / machine learning / decision science as well as immersive experience technologies. GoGoCar, a solution built for automotive retail industry, is powered by Gogo Intelligent Assistant Bot – a similarity and recommendation engine. uses Sally, that combines image recognition, natural language processing, and big data analytics within PropMix’s Real Estate cognitive fabric to make a lasting impact in the housing market consumer experience, valuation and risk management.

The latest venture,, is engaged with governments to establish a global cognitive fabric hub that will lead to tens of thousands of startups, millions of new jobs, a cognitive decision institute and significant value creation.

“We are at a very exciting turning point in the history of human endeavour”, said Madhavan Padmakumar. “Convergence of immersive experience with Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will bring in exponential change in every industry and to the role of humans.”

About Innovation Incubator Holding LLC

Focused on incubating to accelerate the first mile and guiding the journey to the last mile, we create and spin off IT solution companies with very large market valuation potential. Innovation Incubator Inc is a member of the AWS Activate and IBM Global Entrepreneur Program. Headquartered in New York, we also have presence in Boston MA, Leesburg VA, Freehold NJ, Atlanta GA in USA and Trivandrum, Kerala in India.

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