The company explained Satyadas was selected as CTO after GoGoCar founder Tony Urrutia and CEO Stan Thomas worked through the blueprints of GoGoCar technology within Satyadas’ company, Innovation Incubator. Urrutia and Thomas were introduced to Satyadas through T3 Consulting, in which Thomas is managing partner.

“It was during our work with one another at Innovation Incubator that I saw Antony really ‘got it.’ He understands that we are creating a whole new landscape for both car buyers and dealers alike,” Urrutia said.

“This is our chance to disrupt the automotive industry with an entirely new way of doing things,” Urrutia continued. “Add to that Antony’s impressive track-record being a global change agent within companies like Dell and IBM, and his role as CTO was a given.”

In addition to his role as CTO of GoGoCar, Satyadas will continue to lead as the CEO of Innovation Incubator, a fast growing startup serving investors and entrepreneurs to create and grow large market cap portfolio companies.

Satyadas has a track-record of founding successful companies, helping three technology companies — Cognub, Propmix and Indunia — launch within the last year alone.

Before he founded Innovation Incubator with Matt Kumar, Satyadas served in a variety of leadership roles for companies such as IBM, Dell and AT&T, as well as co-founded a couple of startups in cognitive computing and healthcare.

“It is seldom that one gets an opportunity to make a difference that can impact one’s life as a consumer, technologist and business leader,” Satyadas said. “Car buying will never be the same again. I am so glad that we are able to not only apply our CAMS, Cognitive computing, and design thinking expertise in action here, but also to transform the digital auto buying experience”.

Satyadas has conducted courses, keynotes, and workshops worldwide, and has served on the editorial board of several reputed international journals and 50 international scientific committees. He is also a senior member of IEEE.

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